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The birth of ITI in 2007 resulted from the need to empower disadvantaged young people and poor households neighboring Uganda’s protected areas by boosting their economic capacity and living conditions through access to basic education, health care and alternative sources of income for sustainable livelihoods. Our ultimate goal is to conserve biodiversity and ensure environmental sustainability and that poor households are self-sufficient and have access to basic services and infrastructure. We believe in investing and working with the poor to develop themselves, live with them and learn from each other so that together we can create the enduring change that we all envisage.

ITI is a community based non-governmental organisation, registered in Uganda. We work in poor communities adjacent to protected areas such as natural forests, water bodies, national parks, game reserves, major rivers and swamps which are at risk of devastation as a result of human activities.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between the young and old, marginalised and the privileged, the haves and the have-not, the sick and the healthy, the harassed and the favored, the rich and the poor, through enhancing social justice, gender equality, social inclusion and participation of minority groups, promoting exchange of information and best practices through vocational training, research, education and building strategic partnerships within and outside Uganda.

ITI is an NGO based in Uganda. We are committed to build competent and healthy communities. Ou major objective is to establish a sustained mechanism to educate and support young people and poor households.

The projects we are involved aim to address poverty, environmental  issues and HIV/AIDS, and empower communities towards social and economic transformation, in a

multi-strategic approach.

"Mary couldn't send her two children to school as she couldn't pay for it and also feed them. Today, one son is already graduated and she has her own business that provides a steady income for them"   

Recent Projects
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