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The Glory Primary School was built through the fundraising efforts of a teacher at Ottawa High School, located in Ottawa, Illinois, USA. The teacher, Debbie Damron and Dianne Jamison, learned of the need for a school in Kamwenge, Uganda, through her mission with Innovations for Transformation Initiative (ITI). The existing school had been destroyed, leaving hundreds of children without access to an education. Debbie engaged in local fundraising efforts and eventually raised the required funds to build and outfit the Glory Primary School, which opened in May, 2011. More than 220 students attend the new school.


The school is in need of books, school uniforms, shoes and socks for the children, teaching aids and a variety of teaching materials. The school has no electricity or access to clean water. A small outdoor latrine serves the needs of all the children and many residents of the surrounding area. The school needs more classrooms and land for expansions and school garden. Water for drinking, bathing and cooking comes from a nearby stream and is hand-carried to the school when needed. In addition to clean water access, the families of the children are in need of a maize milling machine which will allow them to process maize for sale. Income from that enterprise will guarantee the sustainability of the school and other initiatives in the community. As in many areas throughout Uganda, the community school is more than just a home for pupils and teachers. It becomes the hub of the community.

The school is also in need of professional teachers who are difficult to get in the neighboring communities because they’re scarce and expensive to pay their salaries. The available teachers need scholarship to go for further education to become qualified teachers.

  • Around 5 Acres of land for expansion

  • 5 more Classrooms

  • Scholastic Materials

  • School Uniforms and Shoes for the Children

  • Feeding the Children at school

  • Sponsorship for Teachers for further Education and training

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