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As the saying goes "No single organization has all the answers and no single group can create lasting changes by itself". Working directly with widows, child headed families and youth, including in and out of school youth and needy parenting teenagers has enabled us understand, learn, appreciate and share knowledge and experiences thereby improving coordination and our service delivery mechanism.


Working with District Local Governments and involving beneficiaries in planning and implementation process has been a success story in instigating ownership and bringing about desired and lasting change among our target population. Our work supplements Government efforts in delivering essential services close to people especially in hard to reach areas. Our five year strategic plan feed into Districts Strategic Development Plans and the National Development Plan (NDP).

Christian Living and Character Development Program
Our Statement of Faith


In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ACTS 20:35


Our service is based on 3 Biblical scriptures which guide our commitment to serving our communities especially the most disadvantaged people. 


Psalm 72:12 For he delivers the needy when he calls, the poor and him who has no helper. 

Proverbs 14:21 Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner, but blessed is he who is generous to the poor. 

Proverbs 14:31 Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.


We believe Man can not live a complete and fulfilling life without Jesus being an essential part of one's life. We seek to empower our beneficiaries to achieve spiritual empowerment, economic empowerment and social empowerment. 


As a result of our belief, ITI employs a Pastor who leads family and child sponsorship program. He takes the word of the Lord to families, schools and communities to ensure that all people can develop spiritually, economically and socially.


Family Sponsorship



Village Savings & Loans Association

Micro Finance

Long-term Development Initiatives

Testimonials in What We Do

Bahenyangi Robert

Village Director of SOS Children's Village - Fort Portal

“With ITI Uganda, we have built a strong and effective partnership, which greatly contributed to a sustainable community interaction.

We have benefited from ITI’s creative ideas to engage and empower the poorest of the poor. Milton Tusingwire and his team have a can-do attitude, and with them we are able to reach the most vulnerable individuals within the several communities of Uganda. 

We believe that collaborating with ITI in projects such as empowering care givers by involving them in a tailored credit and saving scheme, will not only give them economic empowerment, will also contribute for their sustainable living. 

Their attention to detail, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile sets ITI Uganda apart, and surely has a positive impact on the several work streams involving the communities.”

Pamela Beckett

Past - President, Ottawa Noon Rotary

"We have only the highest praise for the ITI organization. Through both personal and business interactions, we have been consistently pleased with the outcomes ITI provides to the individuals, families and businesses they serve. As an international partner, the Ottawa Noon Rotary Club has relied heavily on the advice and recommendations received from ITI for our Global Grant projects. Their ability to assist us in preparation and execution is invaluable. We cannot imagine working without ITI's partnership over the past 5 years. From a personal standpoint, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with ITI representative Milton Tusingwire on many occasions. His abundance of expertise, energy and faith has made it possible for me to remain engaged in the process of successfully securing grant dollars to benefit the people of the Kamwenge District. The level of integrity Milton and the ITI team brings to our projects gives us confidence that our desired outcomes are being achieved. We look forward to your continued success and our priceless partnership!" 

Dianne Jamison

Past Chair Secretary - First Presbyterian Church Illinois

"I have been working with ITI for several years now. It started with sponsoring families, who have now become like our own families, and I look forward to seeing and hearing from them! Next came Glory Primary School, help with their church, library, money making projects, and now the medical center! It has taken many hands in all of this, but with God's help, things are being accomplished. And it wouldn't have happened without the guidance and work of all at ITI."

Hope Kelly

United States of America

"My introduction to ITI comes from a friend.  My granddaughter wanted to accompany my friend on a trip to Africa.  I was not about to let Summer go without me, so I accompanied the team, as I was going to protect her from my unknown fears of a foreign country. 

As it goes without saying I had no reason to fear.  Milton and his team took excellent care of our team for which I am eternally grateful.

As with most people I assumed it was going to be a one-way street. I assumed I was going to Africa to help aid those in need. I had no idea of the many riches I would receive in return. 

In 2015, the summer we were in Uganda, our team was met by ITI’s Milton. He had an agenda all ready in place and as a first timer I did pretty much what I was told or asked to do.

With what we brought to give to families and what we purchased in Uganda, we headed out to give these items to designated families we visited. While on one of the visits I felt compelled to help a particular family.

Milton has been a valued liaison. I was given information about the family and a list of their basic needs.  I was able to send what I could to Milton for the needs of this family.

In 2016 I sent Summer over with complete confidence that she would be well cared for and that Milton would guide her regarding the needs of others."

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