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The Mobile Health program is part of the CHILD Project (Community and Home Initiatives for Long-Term Development) The objective of the project is to extend free health services nearer the poorest communities that could not afford or access health care services. The clinic provides treatment, counseling, testing and home visits to the terminally ill people including those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. It operates 1 day in a month which of course is extremely inadequate given the volume of patients who turnout for treatment and medical support.

The mobile clinic component involves our officers moving from place to place meeting patients at various service points. The field officers use a motorcycle to reach deeper communities with greater need for health care services with boxes of donated medicine for people suffering from various types of illnesses including elephantiasis, worms, river blindness, epilepsy, skin and eye related illnesses and malaria. Pregnant mothers, elderly, orphans and widows are the key target under this intervention.

The major challenge is that most times the clinic runs out of medicines and we have to wait for the next donations which often take long and this has an implication on consistency of service delivery.

Our prayer is to transform the mobile clinic unit into fully-fledged health center that provides antenatal care, inpatient and outpatient department. There’s need for a trained health worker, motorcycle, medicines and laboratory equipment.


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