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Please email us at stating all details below, after your online or at the branch donation: 

  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) -Western Union

  • Reference Number in case of Moneygram

  • Sender’s Name, Address, Amount sent

Payments by Western Union or Moneygram should be made in favour of: 

  • Name: Kangume Daphne (Accountant)

  • City: Fort Portal 

  • Country: Uganda



You can also wire your donation through bank transfer. Or money transfer services like World Remit or TransferWise with the following bank details.

BANK NAME                     Housing Finance Bank

ACCOUNT NAME             Innovations for Transformation Initiative

ACCOUNT NUMBER        1300033616

SWIFT CODE                     HFINUGKAXXX

Please kindly email us at with the transfer confirmation details.



Could buy an insecticide treated mosquito net to protect a child or pregnant mother against malaria-the leading killer disease


Could buy deworming drugs for 100 school children for 3 months


Can sponsor an orphan in boarding school per term (4 months), including tuition, school supplies, medical care, school uniform, shoes and clothing, transport and feeding.


A cow gives to a

family an extra

source of income


A pair of chickens can

provide extra income

for a family


Could purchase a water tank to provide safe water to over 300 school children throughout the year

Your donations could change a child’s or a family's life forever.

Whether you decide to make a one-off donation or on a monthly basis, we promise you that your contribution will be used to help the vulnerable communities of Uganda. 


Could buy a permanent

brick house,

with 3 bedrooms, for a family


Can buy a pair of 4 months old pigs. Their reproduction will contribute for an extra income source for the family


Can buy a pair of

6 months old goats

for a family

Donate - Items to donate

Could buy a sewing machine, accessories and training materials for a school dropout teenage mother


Could sponsor a school dropout teenage mother for a course in cookery, craft making, tailoring or hair dressing


Could purchase a mud and wood house with three bedrooms

for a family

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