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1 - How does the program determine how my contribution is spent? 

A small portion (10%) of your monthly/quarterly sponsorship goes to help with administrative costs (e.g. purchasing fuel/gas, repairs for motorcycle, lunch for field staff while mentoring and training families) and the remaining money goes directly into the hands of the family who begins a new life with a 3 year plan to become self-sufficient, with help of our field officers. Learn more about the Projects and Family Sponsorship initiative that you can be involved.

2. What if I can’t afford USD$70 per month? 

You can co-sponsor a family/orphan or give a one time donation translated into cash or a material gift. This could mean giving livestock, seeds, shelter, clothing, bedding etc. In the Donate page you will be able to see a list of gifts you can give to the families or orphans.

3. How else can we support the program?
By giving financial donations for needs in Uganda (i.e. sponsor staff, purchase a vehicle, motorcycle and water well, build a school, build a clinic and buy scholastic materials, uniforms, office rent, Mama Kits for expecting mothers or sanitary pads/AFRIPads for needy teenagers). You can as well support ITI's office construction project. For more information please contact the Executive Team Leader here

4. Is it possible to give other gifts to my sponsored family or orphan?
Yes, you can give monetary donations that will be wired to your family and you may specify how that money should be spent. In this way, you may decide to purchase a cow, a goat, or other livestock, clothing, land, household items, purchase or construct a house. (The cost of these items is listed below or here).

5. How do I know that my family has received the gift or the monetary donation?
The donation is channeled through the village bank where the family has an account, accountability is provided on how the money was utilized following the family’s budget and priorities. Every gift from the sponsor is procured by the officers and handed over to the family. Event photos are then taken and sent to the sponsor as part of evidence. Quarterly accountabilities are prepared by our accountant and annual audit reports are conducted by a certified audit firm and shared with sponsors on request.

6. Can I contact the family I have sponsored?
Yes, you are encouraged to write letters to your family via e-mail. Please send your letters or any photos you would like to share with your sponsored family to Your letter will be translated by one of the program staff members and directed to your family.

7. How often will I hear from my family?

Each sponsor/donor will receive 2 letters and 1 progress report per year. You will also receive photos of your family receiving any gifts you have sent to them. Also, you will receive photos of what your family has been doing, and how the family is changing, etc.

8. Will my name or personal information be sold to outside organizations or individuals?
No. The program does not sell or distribute any personal information to 3rd party organisations. If there is the need for the use of your personal information, you will promptly be asked for consent before any publishing.

9. Who can I contact for further information on the programs?

You may contact the Executive Team Leader, Milton Tusingwire via the contact form or through any details below:

Mob: +256 782 398 346 

Tel: +256 483 425 318


10. Where can I get information regarding new programs/activities/projects and events?

ITI's initiatives updates can be found in our home page, in our Blog, or in our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Otherwise, you can always contact us directly: via the contact form or through the details below:

Tel: +256 782 398 346


11. Where can I find the family (ies) or orphan (s) to sponsor?
We have hundreds of families and orphans needing support. Follow the links below to meet a family, an orphan or a community project pending sponsorship.

- Sponsor a Family

- Sponsor an Orphan

- Sponsor a Community Project


Or, you can also contact Milton Tusingwire, our Executive Team Leader, that will help you choosing a cause. 

Tel: +256 782 398 346


12. How much would it cost to buy and plant or a tree?
The whole process costs US$5. The tree is then named after the sponsor for his/her contribution. Donate for a tree here.

13. How much would it cost to an orphan in school?​​​​

Tuition and other needs vary according to the school where the child is studying. Orphans go to schools near their home that are orphan friendly and non-discriminative. In this way, tuitions will differ according to location and school type/year. For high school, the fees are $160 per term and will carter tuition, school supplies, medical care, school uniform, shoes, stockings, sweater and transport.

14. How much would it cost to purchase a gift for my family?​​​






















Brick Permanent House

$ 4200

Mud House

$ 2600

Cow (1 year old)

$ 400

A pair of goats (6 months old)

$ 150

A pair of pigs (4 months old)

$ 150

A pair of chickens

$ 20

A blanket

$ 30

A pair of bed sheets

$ 20


$ 40

Maama Kits (one kit)


AFRIPads (one)


Mosquito net

$ 7

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