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ITI in partnership with the Rotary Club of Kabarole, Uganda Blood Bank and the Indian Association of Uganda has launched a blood donation campaign aiming at creating awareness and motivation for people to donate blood. This was in response to a shortage of blood in most blood banks in the country. Blood is a free gift given to us at no cost and it's our responsibility to save lives by donating it. You never know when you, a family member or a friend might actually need it. It's our obligation as citizens to ensure that there is a consistent supply of blood in the National Blood Banks. The second obligation we have as individuals is to keep our blood safe from viruses. This can be done through protective and preventive measures against virus such as HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C, etc. We can also go for routine check-ups and immunisation. Mobilisation was conducted among the corporate sector, residential areas and institutions of learning, and the event was largely successful. Our goal for this cause is to:

  • encourage people to donate blood in order to help other individuals, in case of the requirement

  • ensure adequate supply of blood through Voluntary Blood Donation in Government blood banks

  • continuously organize Blood Donation Camps in collaborations with other partners

Donate blood. Save lives!


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